solid quality workmanship and friendly, always-accessible customer service

TEK Roofing Ltd began in 1990 under the joint partnership of Terry Kellogg and Bonnie Dreger-Kellogg as a full service roofing company, whose goal was to build a name solely upon a reputation for solid quality workmanship and friendly, always-accessible customer service. In 2015, having never advertised a day in our existence, we began our 25th year of service having achieved that goal!

As the years have passed we have evolved. While it remains paramount for us to maintain the high standard of workmanship and exceptional customer service, our interests began to change from your commonplace, undistinguishable styles of roofing to ones which make up, as much as possible, projects which are architecturally significant and historical in nature.

Delving into these more characteristic and unique styles of roofing we found it essential to seek out specialized craftsmen to successfully achieve the standards necessary to return these buildings to their original beauty and charm.

– We are proud of all the men and women at TEK. We are grateful for the time they give to us and the skills they provide.

– We are indebted to our clients for their continuous trust in us and for 25 years of opportunities.

– We move into the future excited and looking forward, as always!